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Inmotion essentials – feelgood jewelry designed for YOU

A long time ago, before traffic jams and Twitter, people connected with their inner selves through the Gods and the mysterious forces of nature. Our ancestors lived in harmony with the sun and the stars and the land. By tapping into nature they achieved a strong feeling of affiliation with mother Earth. Motion and soul was strongly connected for our ancestors.

They believed in the higher power of the Gods. They believed in magic and miracles, and they still wondered why the grass was green and why the sky was blue.

Today science seems to give answers to many of these questions, and in our time spirituality and contact with nature has gradually lost to the modern “fastlane” lives. However these elements are fundamental in our lives and people seem to experience their deepest feelings of authenticity and spirituality when they are in contact with nature or when they are in-motion. In fact, people tend to get almost religious while conquering the mountains or when they cross the finishing line after a marathon.

Inmotion offers unique bracelets designed by Monica Øien
The bracelet has been mindfully handcrafted in a century old family owned work shop. Wearing an Inmotion bracelet, you will always be reminded of who you are and your commitment to yourself, family and to the ones you love. They will awaken your passion and be a reminder of moving – a little bit every day. The symbology of our bracelets’ charms and threads will inspire you to connect with your deeper self.

The bracelets’ central symbol – the clam – is an emblem of love and carries with it a profound reminder for us to live truthfully, to be in motion and to be grateful for the lives we have been given, focusing on the now and never forgetting that every new day is a precious gift!

At last – some of the proceeds will go to different organizations like Blåkors and their project minJUL and Human Rights Watch.

Our bracelets’ charms come in different shapes in pure gold and silver, beautifully bound with quality threading in a variety of colours.

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