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Inmotion Essentials is a lifestyle concept offering you a handmade jewellery collection with a deeper meaning. Wearing a blessed Inmotion bracelet, you will always be reminded of who you are and your commitment to yourself, to your family and to the ones you love. They will awaken your passion and inspire you to live your life with integrity. The bracelets’ central symbol – the clam – is an emblem of love and carries with it a profound reminder for us to live truthfully, to be in motion and to be grateful for the lives we have been given, focusing on the now and never forgetting that every new day is a precious gift!

Inmotion Essentials by Monica Øien, handmade lifestyle bracelets


The experiences in the mountain is an «all year emotion» – the mountain invites you through the seasons and the colors to look for inner peace.
When Inmotion Essentials was born one of my primer inspirations was the mountain. Or more precisely the feeling of a deep silence and a spiritual experience while hiking. When I was a young girl I went mountain hiking. I spent several summers in the mountains where I chased mosquitoes, fetched water from the well and picked flowers. Later in the autumn, we picked bark from trees and moss from the ground that we used to dye yarn we would weave with. We brought autumn leaves home to decorate around the house. We brought autumn into our house. We went horseback riding on wild Icelandic horses and slept on camp grounds. Wet soil, humid air and leather are all fragrances I recall. The autumn is a time for change, the trees loose their leaves to naked sculptures and before you know it they are covered with crispy white soft marshmallow snow. The fairytale begins. Its getting even cozier, we need a warm cup of chocolate, or a glass of Burgundy, the fireplace and a strong arm to lean on. Its time to be together and share moments. The mountain collection was designed to remind you that nature is powerful and to pay attention to changes. Stay in the moment, because time passes by so quickly, I will challenge you to seize the moment and bring nature in.

Inmotion Essentials by Monica Øien, handmade lifestyle bracelets


The power of the nature is clear and unpredictable by the sea. The beaches where I grew up taught me how incredible enormous the world is. By gazing out on the sea, I lost the sense of time and place amazed by the impressions from colours, the smells and the sounds. On my beach, we could experience rain, snow and sun all at the same day. By designing a beach collection I wanted to you to bring exotic dreams into to your daily life, in both June and January and be reminded by the beautiful feeling you get when you are beaching, meditate over the impressions from the treasures from the beach, the delicate sand, the dunes, the clams, shells, white stones and the driftwood. I did collect some nice sea treasures to this collection for you to wear and feel. Remember your freedom, your beach – because life is a beach.

Inmotion Essentials by Monica Øien, Family Collection, handmade lifestyle bracelets


The word family has many different meanings. Now there are so many different constellations – we have yours, our kids and mine in a colourful mix. I grew up in a divorced family and I live in a patchwork family today. It can be challenging to create a feeling of affiliation. Still, the family is where you share your joy, hopes and fears, where you empty your frustration and learn about your values and integrity. I designed this collection to remind you that you have a responsibility towards yourself. To search happiness and freedom, and most of all your love for your family. Be tolerant and grateful.



You are whom you move. To be Inmotion means to be able to move with grace, with attitude and energy. With this collection, I wanted to inspire you to make a lifelong commitment to yourself. Always be in motion. It is not a matter of following different exercise trends. More the feeling when you find a way to move which you actually like and what makes your body work. There are so many health benefits like a great posture, better blood flow, more energy, leaner body and greater mood. By glimpsing at your Inmotion style you will be reminded of your daily commitment to move, to practice or to exercise. You just got to do it!!

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